Gravimetry and normal modes

Séverine Rosat - Researcher at the CNRS

Curriculum Vitae

Séverine ROSAT Born in 1977, July 26th, in France
Chargée de Recherche, CNRS
Languages: French (native), English, some Japanese and some German.
Computer skills: Matlab, Fortran, Maple, Latex, HTML, Php under Windows and Linux OS.

2004 Geophysics, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France.
Engineer (~M.A.Sc.) 2001 Geophysics, EOST, Strasbourg.
DEA (~M.Sc.) 2000 Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Univ. Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg.
2007-present Research Associate, Global Dynamics of the Earth, IPGS-EOST (CNRS and Univ. of Strasbourg).
2006–2007 Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Time, Earth rotation and Space geodesy section, Royal Observatory of Belgium.
2004–2006 Post-Doctoral JSPS fellow, Mizusawa Astrogeodynamic Observatory, Japan.
2003-2004 Teaching Assistant, EOST - Univ. Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg.

Main Research Interests
Normal modes of the Earth; Core dynamics; Superconducting Gravimetry; Signal processing.

Professional Activities
2011-2015 Chair, IAG Joint Study Group on Gravity and Height Change Intercomparison.
2011-2015 Member, IAG Working Group JWG2.5: Physics and dynamics of the Earth's interior from gravimetry.
2011-2015 Member, Steering committee IAG Sub-Commission SC2.6: Gravity and Mass Displacements.

Management of Research
2009-2012 Member of the Department Council (IPGS).
Since 2010 Specialist of the Selection Committee, University of Strasbourg; Member of the Research Council, EOST.
Referee for scientific journals and national projects

Supervision of Research
Since 2009 Co-supervising of Marta Calvo’s Ph.D. thesis on long-term stability of tidal waves and geodynamics implications.
2009-2011 Co-supervising of Master 1 projects.

Observatory Tasks
Control of the acquisition systems of the gravimetric station J9 in Strasbourg; data pre-processing; website management.
Diffusion of Strasbourg gravimetric data to the international GGP database and to DMC-IRIS.